Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

 As part of the command that Christ gave us, we have devoted ourselves to evangelistic and missional work extending from the local level to the worldwide arena.

 We provide a safe Halloween environment for the children of our community at our annual "Funfest" held on the night of October 31st.
On the worldwide side of missions, we work feverishly each year to help build churches and living quarters for Bible schools all over the world while our Pastor often has the opportunity to train and teach many pastors around the world. We have traveled to areas such as Alaska, Peru, and Romania just to name a few, all in an effort to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We also work to support many missionaries and causes to aid missionaries in their work. Monthly we give money to missionaries in the United States and abroad, Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge, and Speed the Light.
We value connecting to the community and enjoy providing safe and fun alternatives for those in the Highland Lakes area. We find that being involved in the community is one of the most important mission fields our church can be a part of.

Hope Day 2021

Iceland Mission Trip 2019